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What Metal Target Should You Start out With?”

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I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked what type of metal target to start out with. The question I ask to get some more information from them is, “What do you shoot?” With that answer we can determine are you a hand gun, rifle or both type of shooter. With the hand gun answer I offer the advice that Striker Targets offers a couple targets that are great for building your close range shooting skills. 

The Heart & Hostage IPSC is great for both hand guns and 223 rifles. We also offer the Knockdown target I think that’s the best hand gun target we manufacture as of yet. It has two different sizes of targets on the top two 3”and two 5” circles. Each of those four targets has a corresponding paddle just below in the shape of a rectangle that resets the top target. Since the paddles below are just a bit larger in size than the top it offers many options for all shooting skills.

We believe that you should never be closer than 30 feet when using any metal target with a hand gun. At Striker we build in a safety degree in our targets that helps push the ricochet down into the ground. If you’re shooting at a flat target with a hand gun DON’T! We also need to remember that older targets that have taken many hits with rounds are still safe to shoot at but use distance with these. You have to know that a dent or divot in metal is a U-Turn for a bullet.

Both of the targets we described above are great for 223/556 up to a 308 also with the correct distance. We realize shooting metal is more expensive than paper but it doesn't have to break the bank. You can start out with just a 10” target made from 3/8” AR500 and develop your skills and also have some fun. With this size target it’s great for both hand guns and rifles. If you don’t like circles than try out a 10” square target, there are tons of options that can make a metal shooter out of a paper shooter. 

Have fun and be safe shooting.

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